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Below you will find possible wording for a talk or school assembly about interfaith dialogue and Scottish Interfaith Week. Why not combine this with one of our videos on the videos page or one of our workshops on the workshops page?

What is ‘interfaith dialogue’?


Interfaith dialogue is when people from different religions and beliefs come together to talk, make friends and try to understand people better from different faiths and backgrounds.  It can happen in lots of different ways such as making friends, going along to festival celebrations, visiting different places of worship, listening to a talk and having a discussion on a topic or volunteering together to help people.


Why is interfaith dialogue important?


Interfaith dialogue is useful throughout the world for many reasons:


  • Meeting people from different faiths challenges negative stereotypes
  • It builds stronger communities by creating greater trust and respect for people who are different and by learning what we share in common with one another
  • It brings people together from different faiths to tackle social injustice
  • It can be a tool for conflict resolution in areas of conflict in the world
  • It supports religious equality and aims to ensure that the rights of people from different religions are upheld (such as the right to wear religious dress)
  • It helps individuals in their own search for meaning, spiritual growth, acceptance and belonging through learning from others and being respected by them


What is Scottish Interfaith Week?


Scottish Interfaith Week gives people an opportunity to plan events to bring local people from different faiths and beliefs together to promote dialogue, understanding and co-operation between Scotland's diverse faith and belief communities.


Interfaith Organisations in Scotland


National level

Interfaith Scotland is a national organisation which runs interfaith dialogue activities in schools, with women’s groups, faith communities, religious leaders, members of Interfaith Scotland and local interfaith groups. Interfaith Scotland has members from all the main faiths in Scotland and it supports the work of local interfaith groups throughout Scotland. You can find out more about Interfaith Scotland on their website:


Local level

There are 20 local interfaith groups in Scotland from Shetland to Dumfries. You can find out more about these groups at


Our blog can be found at



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