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Launch of the Group

Renfrewshire Interfaith Group celebrated its launch at Wallneuk North Church on 24th November 2013. Wallneuk’s minister, Rev Peter Gill, has been chosen as Chairperson of the group. Rev Gill gave a very warm welcome as people of seven religious communities came together to worship under one roof - Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Bahai’s, Roman Catholics, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and the Church of Scotland. Deputy Provost John Caldwell and Councillors Bill Perrie, Andy Doig, Bill Brown and Eddie Grady also attended.

Rev Gill preached on The Good Samaritan. He urged all in attendance to "love each other with unconditional love" and invited members of all faiths and none to join the Wallneuk North congregation for a cup of tea or coffee with pakoras after the Sunday Service. The Sikh community invited everyone at the church for an interfaith lunch.

Scottish Interfaith Week 2016

On 13th November 2016, the members of Renfrewshire Interfaith Group were delighted and honoured to host the launch of Scottish Interfaith Week at Paisley Town Hall, in partnership with Renfrewshire Council. The day included a number of prominent spearkers introducing this year's theme of 'Religion and the Media'. Faith groups from across Scotland displayed aspects of their beliefs at tables around the hall, and a free vegetarian lunch was accompanied by a variety of lively entertainment. The day was a resounding success and RIG are enormously grateful to Interfaith Scotland for allowing and helping us to host this event.

Scottish Interfaith Week 2015

Multicultural Concert

A multi-cultural concert was held on the evening of Thursday 26th November as part of Scottish Interfaith Week. This event was a joint venture between Renfrewshire Interfaith Group and East Renfrewshire Faith Forum, and was part sponsored by Interfaith Scotland and Paisley Rotary. The event was held in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Glenburn Road, Paisley.  The concert was attended by 50 people of several faith traditions and they showed great appreciation to all the acts who entertained them. Variety was the order of the day which saw Irish and Scottish dancing groups, a unique collaboration between a rising star in the Folk scene and an Indian singer, and concluded with an excellent singer/songwriter. The artistes were from various faith traditions too, and the evening was concluded with a multi-cultural buffet which encouraged those attending to network. Many of those attending wished to show their appreciation by making a retiring donation and these donations were gifted to Erskine Hospital. 

Fun in the Forest

Members of Renfrewshire Interfaith Group, with support from the Forestry Commission, prepared a site within the woodland at Boden Boo, Erskine for a family fun experience called 'Fun in the Forest' inspired by the Scottish Interfaith Week 2015 theme of 'Care for the Environment'. Project workers were brought in to teach about outdoor cooking and building fires, creative arts and crafts using materials found in the forest, how to build an effective 'den' or shelter, and other fun activities. Families enjoyed trying their hand at making chapatis from scratch.

Interfaith Service

An interfaith service to celebrate Scottish Interfaith Week was held at Wallneuk North Church in Paisley on 22nd November. During the service people from different faiths took part by reading scriptural passages and offering prayers. In his sermon the Rev Peter Gill reflected on Martin Luther King's speech 'I have a dream' where he asks for all people to be treated with equality and justice. The Depute Provost, John Caldwell, addressed those gathered and urged them to give a warm welcome to Syrian refugees.

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